Summer in July at Playa Laiya Beach Club

#vitaminsea #vacation #beachlife — these are just some of the hashtags that we want to check out, but most especially put in our SNS posts. Because there is nothing more relaxing than a day (or more) at the beach, right?


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Green Nature Resort and Leisure Park (San Mateo, Rizal)

Every once in a while, you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle in the big city and find a relaxing place to rest for a while.


That’s what I did last weekend.

I didn’t have a beach trip this year yet, even in summer, because of the load of students assigned to me. So I decided to just have a trip to a nearby resort which was suggested to me. Continue reading

Greg and Sally Tree Garden Cafe

What I really enjoyed about Greg and Sally is the garden setup, which I think most people will agree. Located in a place where there aren’t a lot of cars passing by makes it a more enjoyable experience because you’ll feel like you’re one with nature.

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“This is your very first post.”

Thanks, WordPress, this is indeed my first post. You may know me from my social media sites or my joint blog with my significant other, or perhaps just from somewhere…I don’t know.

Anyway, I am Rozanne Marie, but you can call me Rozie or Zie. I am from a small city in the Philippines, and I am currently working as a home-based tutor.

I promise to try to make sense here to be able to share to you some exciting content.ย However, don’t expect full professional blogger type posts. This is, still, considered a hobby-blogger’s page. Nevertheless, I hope you’ll enjoy the upcoming contents. Leave a comment (or a suggestion), if you fancy.


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