Change of Plans

I believe I was able to create my goals for 2018 before the end of last year. I was pretty certain about most of it, but indeed, we cannot predict the future.

Because of unforeseen circumstances and short notices which are no longer tolerable, I decided to look for better opportunities. Before even sending job applications, an unexpected blessing came. This blessing is bigger than I expected to have. I felt that I am meant to get the position because the offer has met most of the parts of the secret criteria that I was hoping to be met.

Though before I left, I received a huge blow on my final day itself, I felt so welcome during my first day in my new job. It may be a huge challenge for me since I never had the experience needed for my job, but my boss and my co-workers are supportive of all my needs and questions. My family has been supportive even before my move as well so it really uplifted my mood and my morale.

I am now in my second week and the tasks are becoming heavier as days go by. I guess this is just normal since I have worked in the same industry for almost five years and most of what I do is routinary, though also fulfilling. I always pray that I will be able to meet the standards of the company and be granted the strength, the knowledge, the patience, and the understanding that I will be needing for me to stay in this company for a long time.

Though a lot of my plans will be postponed or will totally not push through entirely, I am still joyful about this new opportunity. Perhaps what I need to do is just review my goals and realign it with the current situation that I have. At least, I will now be able to experience a handful of things a normal “office girl” does, including the Metro Manila traffic, the long weekends, and the Saturday-Sunday time off.


May we all have a happy and prosperous new year!


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