2018 Goals

This past couple of years, I have experienced something a little different than the past years. I’ve been stuck at home as a home-based language coach and as I have said in my story, it’s rather boring and I feel like I am not growing.

In the latter part of this year 2017, I have realized that I should wisely make use of the time that I have. I have a hold of my schedule and I think that through that, I can maximize the skills that I have and learn something else.

I have been thinking of the things I should be doing in 2018 as part of my short-term goals. This order is random and not based on importance or priority. So far, here are some of them:

1. Learn Korean

I am so obsessed with Korean Dramas to the point that I imitate some of their words and expressions already. So I was thinking, why not start learning the basics instead? I want to sign up for a Korean class that will not have a conflict with my work schedule. Luckily, the classes at the Korean Cultural Center have very good class hours and the tuition fee isn’t very high as well. I am looking forward to that!

2. Make my online shop more profitable

In my previous blog entry, I mentioned that I am trying a new part-time business which is online selling. My shop has been up and running for six months now and been getting good reviews so far. Since I got the hang of it somehow, instead of just getting from my own collection, I am planning to purchase a bigger bunch of high-quality products that I can sell. This one also requires a monetary investment so I need to work hard to gather enough funds.

3. Write down random thoughts and turn it into something fruitful

Most of the time, I think of random stuff but I don’t take note of them. I won’t wait for 2018 to start taking not of them but I want to make sure that I practice writing them down. Who knows, one of those random thoughts could be my gateway to success.

4. Travel more while working

As a home-based language coach, I can travel whenever, wherever. For this one, this is going to be tricky because I need to shell out money and the internet signal might not be as strong as at home. It can be a domestic travel or hopefully an international one.

5. Learn how to swim

I love going to the beach but I don’t know how to swim. How’s that? I know there is nothing wrong with that but isn’t it more fun if you go to the beach and swim as well? This one I have to research and gather have enough courage to do. Good luck to me!

6. Attend a Korean actor’s fan meeting, especially Park Hae Jin’s

Yep. He is my main ‘oppa’ or my main Korean super crush. Plain and simple — I’d love to see him in person also in one of his fan meetings. If the business will be successful before September or October, I may be able to go, so pray for me! 🙂

7. Take my mom or my family to places they have never been to

How nice it is to feel happiness deep in your heart when you see your family members, especially your mom be happy, right? Since dad isn’t here anymore, I’d love to do some of the things that could make her happy and forget all the stress from work for a while.

8. Be more prayerful


So far, these are the goals that I have for the upcoming year. I am hoping and praying that I’ll be able to cross out each one of them within the year.

What are your goals for 2018?


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