Elujai Propolis Ampoule results and final verdict

In my previous entry before I entered the so-called ‘slump’ or ‘writer’s block’, I made my initial review about Elujai Propolis Ampoule. From how it sounds back then, it’s like the product and my skin shook hands and seem to be working well together.

HOWEVER… after about a month of using the product, I had breakouts. Zits came out where they don’t usually come out. I don’t usually have big zits, but I only have them when I am about to have my period. I have my period when I started to use the product so I am confident enough to say that it is not because of it.

I stopped using the product for a day then continued to use it again after my zits were gone, thanks to Dr. Kauffman’s Sulfur Soap.

Round 2 of trying the ampoule. The same thing happened. Clearer face, lighter scars, pore size reduced. All these happened at about the same time as when I first used it. And then… I had breakouts again.

I told myself that maybe my skin and this product are not meant for each other. Maybe that was not the right product for me. For many people, the product may have been effective, their holy grail, but for me, I don’t think so. I am kind of having second thoughts about giving the other serums or ampoules another shot because of this experience.

I let go of the ampoule and went back to my usual  Celeteque Acne Spot Corrector Gel.

What are your thoughts about the Elujai Propolis Ampoule? Did it work for you?



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One thought on “Elujai Propolis Ampoule results and final verdict

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