Summer in July at Playa Laiya Beach Club

#vitaminsea #vacation #beachlife — these are just some of the hashtags that we want to check out, but most especially put in our SNS posts. Because there is nothing more relaxing than a day (or more) at the beach, right?


So we didn’t have our beach vacation last summer so I decided to arrange a beach party for my family members who are July babies and especially my mom’s 50th and my lolo’s 80th in April. I didn’t know where the best place to go is so I had to ask for recommendations. Good thing, my boyfie recommended his college friend and my acquaintance who lives in San Juan, Batangas.

After all the recos, she suggested Playa Laiya Beach Club. I checked it out and was quite hesitant because of the price. The good thing is she is a lot owner there and they give a huge discount for the friends and family members of lot owners.

Playa Laiya Beach Club

After two weeks of confirming everyone’s availability and preparation came the day.




We rented a van and two family members and relatives have their own cars so we just used Waze and a two-way radio plus our mobile phones to communicate. We also used the directions posted on the beach club’s website. If you are commuting, try calling their Manila so they could guide you further or just use the directions on the website as your guide if you’re quite adventurous.

We met our friend, Emma, the lot owner, in San Juan, Batangas since she offered to accompany us to the beach club for a much cheaper rate. (Woohoo!) We arrived there at around past 8 AM. We traveled for about 30 to 45 minutes more before we got to the place. If we didn’t have stopovers, we could have reached the place in just around 3 hours since we left San Juan/Mandaluyong at past 4 AM, but 9 AM is not bad at all.

The resort doesn’t really have that much amenities, but it has pools and a beach that isn’t as crowded compared to the nearby resorts that time. It also has a cafe and classy cabanas and cottages and water activities which can make your stay more relaxing and fun.

Cafe at the second floor







Small cabanas by the beach

We rented the big cabana that is good for 25 people since our head count is 23, including the driver of the van. We also rented the griller for a fixed rate of Php 300. By the way, you can bring your own food and drinks with no corkage fee. They only charge for alcoholic beverages, I think, but I don’t know how much since we didn’t bring some.



Rates for the water activities



You can play volleyball and soccer. Just ask for assistance. That’s the bath house on the right.

We didn’t get to try the water activities since none of us wanted to so we just played dodgeball, swam, ate, and took pictures.



Hat: Kultura Filipino | Flip Flops: Mumuso | Sunnies: Guess | One-piece Rashguard: Coco Bliss Manila

My brother, my cousin, my nephew, and his uncle had their henna tattoos. The price depends on how complicated the design is, but it goes around Php 100 to 200.20170716_145503-01The water in the pool is good because the chlorine isn’t strong. It’s safe even for little children. The water in the sea is not really clear, but they say that is usual in Batangas. It is also rocky so one needs to be careful. Also, the waves can get big and the currents can take you farther from the shore especially during rainy days so it is not advisable for people who are not confident in the water to go too far.cof20170716_170844-0120170716_170056-01There are two bath houses available and some open air showers if you want to wash off or take a bath completely before checking out.





Bath house near our cabana

The day trip starts at 9 AM and ends at 5 PM, but they give until before 6 PM for the guests to check out. Basically, if you just want a quick beach trip or a break from the usual malling thing, a 9-5 day trip isn’t that bad, most especially if you are in good company. (Pro tip: try asking among your circle of friends or officemates if they have a membership in beach clubs. Ask if it’s okay for them to endorse you so you’ll get a much cheaper rate than the published rates for non-members. You’re welcome.)

Driving back can be a bit tricky in because there is a particular area there that will take you to a village-like area instead of the main road to Manila so be alert, ask for directions, or leave the resort before dark. That area is about thirty minutes to an hour away from the resort, depending on the traffic situation.

The trip was really fun in general and I am so happy I got to spend the whole day with my family who also gave good feedbacks about the trip and the resort as well.



Mi Familia


Many thanks to our friend, Emma, for making this trip possible. If ever you are interested in coming to Playa Laiya Beach Club, you can contact their Manila sales office for the rates and for reservations through the following details below.


Playa Laiya Beach Club
Beach Club, San Juan, Laiya Road, Batangas, Philippines
+63 2 553 8888


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Photos by me and Reynel Domingo.

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