Elujai Propolis Ampoule (as told by a non-makeup junkie and a first time user)

Wow, I can’t believe I am doing a “product review”. LOL this is kind of just an observation of a first-time user of a Korean cosmetic product such as this one.


I bought this product from a friend who is a makeup junkie but more obsessed with Korean cosmetics. I was tagged in a post with a photo of this product saying its benefits. That time, as I have said, I was trying to get rid of pimple scars and blemishes. I also noticed that my pores are too obvious, especially in the cheek area.

As a first-timer and noob in this makeup thingy, I asked a lot of questions. My skin is usually oily, but not sensitive. I get to have acne but not a lot. My real problem is pimple scars. After asking loads of questions, I was convinced to buy it. That’s the time when I started Googling “what is an ampoule”. I came across this video on YouTube and from several online shops, this is what they commonly say about this product:

Pimple marks
Uneven Skintone
Reduce Visible Pores Appearance
Skin brightening
Reduces skin pigmentation/dark spots/freckles
Treats Acne Prone Skin

Light ampoule that contains propolis (bee) and Myrrh oil that helps boost skin elasticity and vitality.

Before trying the product, I was using Celeteque Acne Spot Corrector Gel. It works well for me, especially for the stubborn dark spots. It got rid of a few big ones that I had. I only apply it in areas where there are scars.

I have been using this ampoule for almost three weeks since it arrived. My skin’s initial reaction was nothing in the beginning. A few days later, I started to see tiny zits coming out so I Googled “pimple breakout after using ampoule”. There is no result for my search, but the relevant results did say something about “Ways you are actually making your breakouts worse” and “The difference between breakouts and skin purging”. Wow, I didn’t know about that before.

Based on what I have read, when trying new products, give due time to work. Good thing, the zits vanished after a couple of days through the help of my old cleanser and facial wash. I use three small drops of ampoule as instructed by my friend.

The results so far:

– Soft and glowing skin after application especially when mixed with CC cream and pressed powder.
– My skin is clearer now. Lighter pimple scars.
– I noticed that my pores are smaller.
– My dark eye circles are gradually becoming lighter.
– My oily face is still oily, but I think that’s a different story and a different product to use.

I am yet to see more changes if there are any more of them after a few weeks.

Results and final verdict are out. Click this link to read.


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