Selling Pre-loved Items

I always wonder how I can make money out of my existing resources. I haven’t had the courage to venture into selling, but now I finally had the guts to do so.big box boutique IG

I have been addicted to online shopping since Multiply days. I was like second or third year college at that time if I remember it correctly. Then there came (now OLX), Facebook then Instagram. I have also shopped through sites like Zalora, Shopee, Lazada and many others. Just recently I have tried to purchase from the Korean eBay, GMarket. I had a pleasant first order experience!

Since I have quite known the in’s and out’s of online selling, I thought about starting my own online business. I can start with preloved clothes and those which are sent to us by our aunts in the US and UAE. That was in 2012. I told my dad about it in 2013 and he told me that I should write a business proposal so that we can formally ask our titas for help. Sadly, he passed away later that year and the plan was postponed.

Fast forward to 2015, I made an Instagram account called Big Box Boutique. It was empty until I decided to push through with it this year.

How? I realized that (1) I really have lots of clothes in my closet but I rarely use some of them; (2) I need an extra income; (3) I just need to declutter for extra storage space.

So, yes, I am promoting our online shop here. Ha ha!

If you have time or if you are interested to buy something, please drop by our shop on Carousell or on Instagram. We are selling preloved items and soon brand new ones which are all trendy and of good quality. Some items are branded, some are not. Each is priced according to its quality and physical appearance. More importantly, the actual is equal to the description given. We are basically an online thrift shop or ukay-ukay, only that we have handpicked our items and find the ones which are presentable to us and to the buyers who will eventually use the items.big box boutique carousell

You might be asking, why Big Box Boutique? We just thought that because our items usually come from a big box and in a big box, there is a variety of items. Pretty simple! 😉

I hope to transact with you guys soon!


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