Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!

Today, we celebrate the greatness of our first heroes, our first love and the first man in our lives — our DAD.


My dad passed away in late 2013 because of an aneurysm. I will forever remember those sad days we had from his hospitalization until the day he was cremated.

Today, there is still, of course, sadness in us especially in days like this. But more importantly, we just need to remember the good things he left us. There may not be a last will and testament left for us by him, but having a family which we will have as our comfort and refuge in our personal troubles will surely be his best legacies.


I remember when I was young, my dad used to take me to school. Since my school is close to a church we pass by and pray there first. He taught me and my siblings that prayers are powerful and that if we believe that we shall receive it, it will be granted.


He also taught us that life is simple and we should not make it complicated. He said that many times and back then, I don’t know what to make of it. Now, I understand what he meant. The simplicity of life is not only about the tangible things, but also the non-tangible ones such as saying sorry and thank you.

Like any family, we also have fights and misunderstandings, and most of the time, I held my pride up and found it hard to apologize. I know, I wasn’t a good daughter to him, that is why, as his first born, I felt so bad that I didn’t even get to make up for everything I have done wrong. But as others are saying, just make it up through praying for his soul and by taking care of our family. I do my best to do so and I wish he could see how my siblings have grown and have been achieving a lot in their lives.

Despite all the bad things, he still supported us, just as a father should. He continued to pray for us and make amends with us if he does wrong or has offended us. I miss him and our short chats and how he smiles for and with us.

I miss you, dad. I wish you were still here to celebrate this day with us. I pray that you always watch over us. I love you, dad.


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