Korean Dramas

So last year, I have started to watch Korean dramas again, thanks to the ever popular Descendants of the Sun. Since then, I haven’t stopped watching them

descendants of the sun

Descendants of the Sun (Song Joong Ki/Song Hye Kyo)

I started to watch Korean dramas around 2004, I guess. Lovers in Paris was the very first Korean drama that I have watched if I’m not mistaken. After that, I have become a fan of KDramas. I was in high school then. The Korean drama fever isn’t as high as it is today. I think people were still kind of into Taiwanese dramas that time, which were dubbed in Filipino and aired the two biggest networks.

My classic favorites are Lovers in Paris (2004), Full House (2004), Coffee Prince (2007), Dae Jang Geum/Jewel in the Palace (2003), Princess Hours (2006), My Girl (2005) to name a few.


I have stopped watching them after high school as I got into books and adjusting to college life wasn’t very easy for me.

Last year, when Descendants of the Sun aired, I got curious why people are so into it. Therefore, I tried to watch the first episode and the rest was history. Oh Song Joong Ki, what have you done?

Currently, I am watching Man To Man **last 2 episodes** (because Park Hae Jin is my main oppa), Emperor: Master of the Mask, Fight For My Way, and Suspicious Partner. I might add some more in my ‘currently watching’ list if I find something interesting.

Are you a fan of Korean dramas as well? What are your classic favorites? Who is your main oppa (if you can choose one! Haha)?


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