Olay’s #OneWashWonder

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I always get excited when I receive items from BDJ. This time, I received the #OneWashWonder Olay Skin Whitening Bar, which promises to give natural white skin from first use, as well as glowing and blooming skin. 

From what I know, Olay’s newest product is formulated with rose extract made from Egyptian Rose Canina flower petals and Olay’s Natural White Rich all-in-one day cream. It smells so good, even prior to opening the packaging!

Honestly, I have tried a lot of whitening products for the sole purpose of lightening the dark areas of my body and my face and to even my skin tone. Besides, there are promises of “instant” whitening, etc., but didn’t really live up to their promise.

With this Olay whitening bar, I have the same perception, but gave it the benefit of the doubt. I tried to let it stay on my body for a couple of minutes just to make sure. So what happened after was it didn’t instantly make my skin “white” or fairer as promised by the product.

A lot of good things happened, however. It was quite humid when I used it, and I usually get this sticky feeling after several hours after using other soaps, especially when outdoors for the whole day. With this one, surprisingly, I didn’t get that feeling. Instead, I felt fresh and clean all day! Plus, it didn’t leave my skin dry.

The next day, I tried to use it again, that time, including my face. Another surprise! The pimple scar lightened a little just after the first use!

I think this soap may not be able to live up to the instant whitening department, but mostly in the gradual lightening of the dark areas/spots on the skin. Its strength, for me, being able to remove the dead skin cells and letting one feel fresh and clean all day. Those are the factors that might let me buy that product in the market.

Still, many thanks to BDJ for giving me the opportunity to use this product for the first time.
PS. Every skin color is beautiful. I am in no way promoting that one complexion is better than the other.

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