Today, I was invited for an interview by an big online English teaching company. I was so nervous because the last time I had an interview was around October last year, before our company finally moved out of the office and continue operating at home.

So, the hiring process only took only a few hours and a couple of phone calls after that. I have undergone four interviews handled by different people, the last of which I thought was an aged woman who is very strict.

I was thinking and praying before the interview that I will do what I have to do, but whatever the outcome will be, it’s up to You. Indeed, God worked his way to for me to get through.

This is weird but I am still kind of anxious and having second thoughts on whether I should take the job or not. It is a good opportunity for me to learn and explore new things that I can do, yes. Finally I can move out of my comfort zone (well, a little because the company is under the same industry, but I won’t be teaching). But I am worried about my bills and the other things I have to shoulder like food and transportation.

As I have noted in my previous blog entry, I am happy about the salary that I get from my current company. I mean, I pay my bills and benefits and still do and buy what I want. Plus, I get a lot of things for free like food and rest – and I need not to worry about prepping up for work. Though boredom strikes and occasional negativity hits me because I felt I am not going to grow in this company, I still stick my ass out here.

Also, I am worried about what my colleagues and my boss will say about my resignation. There are only a few of us left and now I’ll be leaving too?

The job offer will be given to me on Monday next week. I am yet to find out what is included in the agreement, what my schedule is, and most importantly, the compensation.

The best thing to do, I think, is to ask for guidance again. Help me God.

Anxious Career Shifter

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