Greg and Sally Tree Garden Cafe

What I really enjoyed about Greg and Sally is the garden setup, which I think most people will agree. Located in a place where there aren’t a lot of cars passing by makes it a more enjoyable experience because you’ll feel like you’re one with nature.

Anyhow, I only stayed here for a quick snack, together with my boyfriend, after a short visit at the Book Museum.

We were welcomed by their smiling and energetic staff, who told us that we can sit wherever we like, except for the gazebo, as they were preparing for what looked like a surprise proposal.



Herb Garden



I tried out the Halo-halo Turon because it’s a unique kind of turon and I like turon very much. Instead of the usual banana and langka, they used the ingredients of the halo-halo, wrapped in crispy caramelized wrapper, topped with vanilla ice cream. For me, it’s just the right amount of sweet in one serving. My boyfriend, a pancake lover, go himself the pancakes with butter and jam. Nothing special mostly, but they used, I think, caramel syrup instead of the usual maple syrup.


Halo-halo Turon


Pancakes with Jam and Butter

Greg and Sally’s signature drinks are worth a try too. Both Dalandan Tarragon and Calamansi and Mint juices are refreshing, especially on a hot summer day.

I just hope that the staff will be more mindful on the serving time. We were told that orders will be served within 10-15 minutes, but we waited for 30 minutes until everything was completed. Good thing they have this mini Q&A game and a couple of books on the table that you can read while waiting, and you can take photos of the place as well.

Overall, we had a great time.

Bonus info: The film A Second Chance filmed a scene at Greg and Sally. They even put a sign on where they actually sat during the filming.


Greg and Sally Tree Garden Cafe
145 Ipil Corner Champaca Street, Marikina Heights, Marikina City
02 9401976 / +639 209533085
Opening Hours:
Tuesday-Thursday, 11am to 9pm;
Friday-Sunday, 8am-9pm
Closed on Mondays

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