Have you ever thought about trying a new hobby or finding a new interest? Something that you never thought you would do for a number of reasons.

I have.

Almost three years ago, I was inspired by a lady who posted on Instagram about her random day in a museum. She looks so happy looking at sculptures and paintings in the National Museum of the Philippines. I don’t know what came to be, but I got inspired by that idea of going to museums…again.

While I was in the bathroom, taking a bath, I contemplated about starting a project or a hobby that will promote the museums in the Philippines. I thought, what if I share this with Reynel and together we conceptualize what to do and where to go? Also, I thought about how most people in the Philippines regard the museums situated in each city. Have they been long forgotten? Are museums only fully booked during educational trips? How about after a student graduates, does he or she still visit it? More importantly, when a person visits a museum for some random reason, does he or she grasp some amount of information about it?

Those questions are what I raised with Reynel. Since we go on a date every weekend, I thought that he might welcome the idea that instead of going to the mall and chill out (which we still do sometimes, of course), why not try out something new. Something informative. Something cultural. Something about the country.

So, indeed, we conceptualized the idea and plotted the nearest museums that we have and haven’t been to. We wrote the fees, locations and operating hours, starting from the National Museum. We planned to do a monthly visit to a new museum within the Metro. Thus, we called it the “Museum-a-Month” Project.

Ever since we started, we took pictures of the artworks and took note of the important things to know and learn. We discovered and learned new information and places we never knew existed.

To date, we have visited twenty-seven (27) museums, most of which are within Metro Manila only. Who would have thought that there are a lot of museums here? We have been to several kinds of museums, such as art and historical ones. Still, we have a lot more in our list, and we are looking forward to visiting each of them.

Just last year, we have decided to write the information and pictures we gathered since 2014 on our joint blog site,, to share our journey to people of the same interests, and perhaps to help students with their research. It is also to help museums to gain more audiences through their content and exhibits.

I am no historian nor an ardent lover of the culture and the arts, but that certain idea hit me and led me to a wonderful experience. Now, it has given me a broader outlook of the Philippine history and culture.

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