Today marks my seventh month of being a home-based language coach tutor. It’s been seven months since our company decided to cut costs and just send us to work from home.

Seven whole months of dealing with noisy neighbors, relatives and dogs. Seven whole months of not having an air-conditioned environment by the time of your shift. Also, seven whole months of not having to deal with noisy co-teachers from the other cubicles. Seven whole months of paying my own benefits and knowing that they have been credited the same day or the day after. Seven whole months of not having to deal with everyday traffic situation in the metro.

To be honest, it isn’t really easy to work from home compared to what people think, especially with this kind of job I have. Seriously, it isn’t. If I have a clerical job, perhaps, it will be a lot easier for me. No offense meant, but for me and with the kind of environment I have, it will be easier if that’s my job. However, it isn’t. But I am not complaining because for me, there are a lot more advantages of working from home, than working at the office.

Working from home means that my five-digit salary minus some four-digit payment for benefit will be mine and be more utilized by me. No more transportation allotment. No more grocery allowance allotted for office supplies (food and stationery). No more deductions that are usually deducted when working at the office. Plus, the internet bill is paid for by the company, as well as the mandatory share for the benefits.

Working from home means that there’s *free* lunch, dinner and snacks. Everything is in the fridge. I just need to grab it, cook it or pop it in the microwave, then eat it. If I don’t feel like eating the food at home, the stores outside offer relatively cheaper snacks compared to those in the commercial establishments.

Working from home, in this kind of industry, means that I have the freedom to do the things that I can’t do a lot when working at the office. Don’t get me wrong here, though. I get the job done and make sure that work is above anything else. However, I am not a saint either. I also do the forbidden things at the office like social media, catching up with the newest episode of my favorite series, etc. So now that I am working from home, I am able to do those things, after checking my schedule for the day, going online on Skype and refreshing my schedule from time to time. Honestly, I had time to do than while I was still at our old office, but since our PCs were monitored, we have to be discreet.

Working from home means I can sleep as early as 11PM, the end of my shift, given that I have no more deliverables for the day. Before, I still stay at the office until more or less 11:30PM, depending on the deliverables and the weather. Now I don’t need to worry if its raining, because I am already the comforts of my home. I only worry about the internet connection when it’s raining, because I can’t control what’s going to happen.

The noise, the lack of enough water, the occasional boredom, they can all be managed. As long as I get paid correctly and I know where my money goes. This is great, I guess, FOR NOW. I also miss waking up early and go head-to-head with the daily traffic situation and the air-conditioned office with a cubicle I can design and put quirky stuff on.

You may say or feel I am in my comfort zone. I feel that too. But currently, this job pays my bills and everything more than that. In the kind of industry I am in, I am lucky that my boss gives me and my colleagues more than enough of what we should be getting. HOWEVER, I will and am still looking for better opportunities.

We’ll cross the bridge when we get there.

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